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La Riqueza No 4 Review

October 21, 2012

The La Riqueza is a nice looking box-pressed cigar. Had a decent aroma on the wrapper. It smelled both sweet and strong eluding to rich tobacco flavors. I have already smoked 4 of these over the past 4 months. I picked up a 5er back in April and I saw a little yellowing in the cellophane. I wouldn’t say it is aged to an optimum level but felt it within acceptable range. I wasn’t blown away by the others so I thought I would give this one a few months before coming to a consensus.

I’m glad I held back on this one and within 10 minute sof lighting it, really enjoying the “full bodied right out of the gate” experience. It is a dry full body.  Very well balanced with acidity but rich with tobacco flavor marked with notes of charcoal, chocolate, wood and pepper. The retrohale is smooth and dry but with that comes a little edge of harshness. The finish is also dry and clean with not much else than the enjoyable tingle of pepper.

Performance is spot on and I have been able to sip this cigar the whole way. The ash hasn’t been particularly strong but that isn’t something that usually bothers me although it’s neat take a Robusto all the way down and never drop ash. This is not that cigar.

This cigar has big bold flavors and could definitely be considered an extra fuerte. The smoke is smooth past the 1st 3rd and the acidity balance is perfect. I never even needed a sip of water throughout this robusto. It was very clean but spicy. This is not offensive to me at all and something I really crave at least once a week. Sometimes you just want something with a little kick to it.  THis cigar can answer that call. Look else where if you want a mild or medium cigar. Appreciate for what it is!! 90

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  1. December 29, 2012 11:57 pm

    Hey man – Matt from reviewcigars.blogspot here.
    I always check in on your site from time to time. I hear you in the La Riqueza. There are a lot of good things in this cigar, but something is off.
    i’ll be honest, and I hate to say it. But I think Pete is over-extending his brands and the quality is starting to suffer. Let me re-phrase that; the quality is still top-notch, but the quality consistency has suffered in my opinion.
    When La Riqueza first came out they were to die for. They were complex, medium bodied but full flavored and ranged from sweet spice to caramel.
    Now they have this dryness that leaves me with cottonmouth, and no I didn’t mistake it for a doobie.😉
    I still reach for one from time to time, but they don’t compare to the first releases, especially the Cabinet series, which were in cedar boxes and non-boxpressed.
    So my man, keep up the good work. Talk to ya soon.

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