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Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Gold Robusto Review

January 25, 2011
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Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habana 2000
Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Costa Rican
Binder: Honduran
Size: 5X52 Box Pressed Robusto
Cost: $3 Got a sampler of 10 for $29.99 off CI.

Prelight:(10) Visually from a distance of a foot or 2 away this cigar is pretty striking. Beautiful coffee bean colored wrapper with a proud gold band and family crest. In fact if one was to pick up this “gold” cigar one might think that this is the top of the line at ye ol Torano factory. It wasn’t until I inspected closely and found a very poorly applied cap that I started to wonder. It looked good enough with it’s dark oily wrapper and felt pretty good head to foot but was definitely a little to firm. Despite my normal excitement for a fine box press I was already under the impression that this one had been pressed a little too hard. In fact both samples I have smoked so far from entirely different places have been the same experience although the 1st one went on to smoke perfectly. It was also of note that the wrapper smell was pretty tame despite it’s striking dark appearance. It smelled of rich tobacco down near the foot but the rest of the wrapper was pretty mild with aroma. The prelight draw was worrisome firm but the wrapper had a nice sweet taste to it and great feel in the mouth.  I really am partial to box press. 8/10

Flavor & Aroma:
(15) 1st 3rd: This cigar starts in the medium body range with a nice smooth earthy sweetness and a tiny bit of pepper on the finish. Although the smoke is pretty smooth on the palate there is a bit of pepper through the nose and on the finish. 13/15
(15) 2nd 3rd: Starting to get a little leather in the aroma but the core remains sort of a medium richness of earthy tobacco flavor. What little sweetness was there is long gone and the pepper has definitely settled down now on the retrohale but remains present on the finish. The body has remained medium.  Just past the half it is starting to get a little acidic. I am also getting sort of a funny metallic taste on my tongue. Sort of like if you have ever touched your tongue on a 9v battery. It is a strange aftertaste and I have noted this on both samples smoked so far. I am getting a nice woodiness in the aroma now as well. 12/15
(15) Final 3rd: The cigar remains smooth earthy and with a medium body on the palate. The funny aftertaste that was accompanied by some acidity in the smoke only lasted for only a few minutes and hasn’t come back yet. The smoke remains peppery through the nose and on the short finish. 13/15

Construction & Burn:
(10) 1st 3rd: Firm draw. Could have been worse for sure. A double or triple puff gets it going but man…what a chore. I hate cigars that smoke like this. The burn was slow and solid and the ash holds about an inch or so before dropping.  I even find myself turning this cigar sideways in my mouth trying to get a better draw. The volume is remarkably good though when I do get it going. 8/10

(10) 2nd 3rd: The draw has eased up slightly as the stick is heating up. I can sip but the volume isn’t quite there without taking a double or even triple puff. The burn is running very slow but also a bit hilly. 8/10

(10) Final 3rd: Just shy of the final 3rd this baby opened up wonderfully as the head softened up. It was still burning well but hilly and despite the shoddy cap it never became problematic. If it would have performed as well as it did down near the nub the whole way through this would have been such a better cigar but even so it wouldn’t have changed the lackluster flavor. 8/10

Thoughts:(15) This is a very earthy and rather uneventful cigar. I imagine with a yr or 2 of rest it may come around a little but after smoking the 1959 Silver last night this is one case where I can guarantee you…Silver beats gold hands down! I dare anyone to smoke the 2 and tell me different. The last one in my possession is one for the dog walk box IMO. Not going to buy it again and pretty much wont recommend it either. I will highly recommend the Silver though and I have a 1959 50yr that I will break out at some point and review but for now it’s the Silver in this line of Cigars that really reigns supreme.  Immediately upon putting this thing out I went and lit up a Rocky Patel edge Corojo Missile just to get the taste of this out of my mouth. 12/15

Final: 82

3-7-11 – Fired one up today that had been resting awhile and read my review while smoking it. This was honestly a lot better than my previous experiences. The draw/volume/burn were all perfect. The flavors although not real complex or exciting were solid and satisfying. I was glad I gave this cigar another chance. It still doesn’t come close to the Silver but it was certainly more than palatable. I did still get a slightly funky sourish acidic finish which I am not a huge fan of but it wasn’t terrible and frequent sips of water kept it fresh. I did not encounter any metallic or bitter flavors. No battery sensation this time! I do believe my score is a little low and this cigar fits more comfortably in around 85 or so. Still not mind blowing and no where  close to a 90 but pretty good and above average.

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